Cable Trays & Accessories

  • Perforated Type Cable Trays / Perforated Sheets
  • Ladder Type Cable Tray
  • Cable Trays & Accessories

We design and manufacture umpteen types of Perforated Cable Trays for various industries globally, which are marketable in different sizes and specs. Raw materials are of prime quality in our organization. The finish coat is painted / powder coated / galvanized. The performance is guaranteed to excel.

We are focused to churn out wide range of Ladder type Cable Trays (GI / Painted / Powder coated ) in customised designs.

Ratan’s Weld-on and Bolt-on Cable Trays are synonymous to carry Control, Power & Instumentation Cables successfully with high durability.

  • Length
  • 1500 mm/2000mm/2500mm/3000mm
  • W - from 100 mm to 1000mm
  • H - from 35mm to 200mm
  • T - 1mm onwards to 5mm max
  • B - from 10mm to 100mm
  • RW - from 30mm to 100mm
  • RH - from 10mm to 50mm
  • D - from 30mm to 75mm
  • or as per customer satisfaction
  • Material
  • M.S. Sheet & Angles / SS Sheets / Aluminium Sheet & Angles etc.
  • M.S. Items Finish by
  • Red Oxide / Enamel Paint / Epoxy Paint / Powder Coating / Hot Dip Galvanised (IS/BS Standards) or as per customer specification.
  • Aluminium Items Finish by
  • Anodised

Cable Trays Accessories include Horizontal & Vertical Bends, Reducers, Cross, Tees, Clamps, Slotted Angles, Flexible Jumpers, Coupler Plates etc. for Trays.

MS Sheet & Angle / SS Sheet/ Aluminium Sheet & Angle etc.
Red Oxide/ Enamel Paint/ Epoxy Paint/ Powder Coating / Hot Dip Galvanised / Anodised or as per customer specification. H = 50 to 200 mm W/WW = 100 to 1200 mm D = 30/45/60/90/120 Deg R = 150 to 1200 mm Accessories can be made as per customer specification too.

Schedule of permissible loads

  • All figures given repressent the maximum permissible uniformly distributed load in kgs. per running meter Unsupported Free Span

The maximum permissible The maximum permissible point load at-mid-span may be obtained from the formula
P = ½ X U X C
Where P = maximum permissible point load in kgs at mid-span.
U = maximum permissible uniformly distributed load in kg per running meter.
S = the particular free span in meter
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